Customer Satisfaction

We measure our success by the response we get from the financial institutions and the borrowers that have experienced a Lowell Douglas engagement.  It is not enough to be regarded as simply good.  We strive to create an impression that is strong enough to prompt people around us to recommend Lowell Douglas to other companies and individuals in the knowledge that we will deliver results and value beyond expectations.

The financial institutions that we work with include some of the leading participants in the ABL industry.  All our clients have dealt with Lowell Douglas on multiple audits and it is this repeat business that tells us we are meeting or exceeding expectations.  Even though our clients return to us regularly, we make a point of meeting with our clients outside the audit arena with the purpose of soliciting honest feedback as to the strengths and weaknesses of our people, performance and standards. 

Lowell Douglas has completed surveys and recurring audits with borrowers of various sizes from a wide variety of industry sectors and numerous debt structures.  Some examples of borrowers we have worked with recently are shown below.

Survey by Industry Sectors


Audit Type


Annual Sales

Size of ABL Line

Survey & Recurring

B.C and California

$200 million

$60 million