Knowledge . Experience . Results.

Lowell Douglas Limited provides audit and advisory services to financial institutions and their borrowing customers within 

the Asset Based Lending (“ABL”) industry in Canada and the USA


Key Attributes

Founded by two Chartered Accountants, Lowell Douglas provides an intimate understanding of all Asset Based Lending Services based on years of experience in the ABL industry.

Lowell Douglas is responsive.  We work to gain an accurate understanding of our Customers’ needs and then use customized analytical and consulting tools that match and satisfy those needs as seamlessly as possible.

Lowell Douglas always applies the latest proven methods, technology and techniques.

We ensure that all disciplines are linked wherever necessary to deliver the best results.

Lowell Douglas provides the highest quality services and products at a fair and appropriate price.

Guiding Principles

Lowell Douglas governs itself through the application of simple guiding Principles.


We subscribe to the highest ethical standards.


We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence and work to set the standard by which the industry is measured.


We take ownership of what we do and how it is understood.


We are never satisfied with the status quo.  We are always searching for the latest proven methods, software and techniques.


We are fully accountable for the information we receive and regard the safekeeping of this information as one of main responsibilities.


We use our resources to maximize productivity which results in the Best Overall Value for our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We measure our success by the response we get from the financial institutions and the borrowers that have experienced a Lowell Douglas engagement.  It is not enough to be regarded as simply good.  We strive to create an impression that is strong enough to prompt people around us to recommend Lowell Douglas to other companies and individuals in the knowledge that we will deliver results and value beyond expectations.

The financial institutions that we work with include some of the leading participants in the ABL industry...

We treat our Customers, Suppliers, Competitors and Associates the same way we wish to be treated.